Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I was always fascinated by the idea of 'GOD'.If he is there how does he manages this huge world?
has he made people to do things according to their own will,if that is so,does he knows future?
I will continue on this but before that I wanted to describe a new concept of GOD I recently
came to know by one of my friends

they will say their is nothing like 'GOD',but their is need for people to be together with someone.nobody in this world can live alone.when someone talked of GOD very first time ,may be he was seeking for someone in his life.and when things in nature happened like fire,volcano.he began to associate the idea of GOD with a supreme being.and about 'how the life started' they say
that GOD is not the answer for that question.their has to have an start somewhere,if you say GOD did all this than I will say than where did he come from??

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